Changes to the NFPA 1081 Pro Board Industrial Fire Brigade Prerequisites

On November 30, 2019, the 2018 edition of NFPA 1081 will go into effect, replacing the 2012 edition standards for Facility Fire Brigade Members.  When this new edition of NFPA 1081 is adopted, there will be a change in the prerequisites for Pro Board Exterior Industrial Fire Brigade Member (IFBEX) and Pro Board Interior Industrial Fire Brigade Member (IFBIN).

The new edition of the standard will require NFPA 1072 Awareness (Chapter 4) and Operations (Chapter 5) as prerequisites for both IFBEX and IFBIN courses. 

Acceptable proof of the prerequisites are listed below:

A Pro Board or IFSAC certificate

Printout from Pro Board, DoD, TCFP or similar lookup system

A certificate from the designated state training entity within the state

Certificates of completion for all NFPA 472 levels.

Certificates of completion for NFPA 1072 Awareness/Operations level only.

All certificates must include the following:

Name of entity issuing certification

Seal, stamp or logo (if applicable)

NFPA Standard & Level

Candidates Name

Certification number (if applicable)

Issuance Date

NFPA 472 can be considered an acceptable prerequisite where NFPA 1072 is referenced in other NFPA standards. This allows agencies to acknowledge the previous hazardous materials standard so that candidates who obtained NFPA 472 training or certification can continue their progression without starting over. The NFPA 472 certificates must fall within 2002 – 2013 edition years.

NFPA 1072 can be considered an acceptable prerequisite where NFPA 472 is referenced in other NFPA standards. TEEX is currently working on an online NFPA 1072 Awareness and Operations course that can fulfill the 1081 Pro Board prerequisite requirements.  The online course, HAZ-701, is designed to provide training to the level of Chapter 5.  This course alone does not provide a Pro Board certification, but will fulfill the prerequisite requirement for the 1081 Interior and Exterior courses.  For participants seeking Pro Board certification to Chapter 5, a companion course, HAZ 702, will be available as a “completer” course for certification to 1072 Awareness, Operations, and PPE.  More information on this course will be found on our website as the course becomes available later this year.  For any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].