by Jason Loyd, TEEX Recruit Training Coordinator

Did you know that NFPA 1001, 1.2.6 states Fire Fighter I and Fire Fighter II level individuals shall remain current with the general knowledge, skills, and JPRs addressed for each level or position of qualification?

Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) states an individual certificate holder not employed by a regulated entity must receive 20 hours of continuing education to renew for each certification period.  

The TEEX / Emergency Services Training Institute (ESTI) Firefighter Recruit Academy is excited to announce we now offer affordable continuing education classes. Although these CE courses are geared for TCFP hours, other states, Canada, and other international firefighters around the world can still enhance their knowledge with these courses.  Before enrolling always check your firefighter regulatory agency to be sure these courses will be accepted. 

Stay up-to-date on technology and best practices to help make quick decisions when every second counts.  Structured and comprehensive courses provide firefighters a thorough understanding of best practices.

In addition to the certification requirements for the TCFP and various states, Firefighting Continuing Education also provides: 

  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency as firefighter. 
  • Stay up to date with the latest firefighting knowledge and technology to be safer on the emergency scene. 
  • Refresh knowledge over basic skills not used regularly throughout the year.  
  • Continuing education may reveal new opportunities that you may not have previously considered.

For a limited time CEF016 – Building Materials, Structural Collapse, and Effects of Fire Suppression will be offered for FREE.  The following is a complete list of our offerings:

The CE courses are all based on the NEW 7th edition IFTSA Essential of Fire Fighting manual.  The book is required for the course. These web-based courses are designed to engage the student and provide a flexible learning environment.  Gone are the days of PowerPoints and reading assignments! The student has six months to complete the course for certification.

Although not a replacement for all traditional instructor led training, online training can be a cost-effective and acceptable alternative for renewing your certification and refreshing your knowledge base.

A full listing of online courses can be found at teex.org/online.

About the Author: Mr. Loyd is a dedicated professional with over 20 years of experience teaching emergency responders to serve their communities with integrity. He is motivated to ensure those who commit their lives to the fire service have the knowledge to begin and sustain a safe and successful career. Passionate about mentoring recruit. He is currently the TEEX Online Recruit Academy Training Manager and adjunct faculty member in Public Safety Management at West Texas A&M University. He is also an active member of Brazos County Precinct 3 Volunteer Fire Department. His professional background includes government contract firefighting, higher education, and co-author of Fundamentals of Fire and Emergency Services.  He received an Associate’s in fire science from San Antonio College, a Bachelor’s in fire service administration, and a Master of Arts in education with a concentration in higher education from Trident University International.