5 Reasons to Take Online Courses from TEEX

TEEX has recently jumped into the world of online courses in several different disciplines. If you’ve been thinking about how to continue to train during these uncertain times, online classes may be the answer for you. Here are five reasons to try out a class.

5. Current Information

In today’s world of information coming at us from all directions, you can’t always count on that information being correct, and up-to-date. TEEX online courses are taken straight from the in-person curriculum, to ensure the information being presented is accurate and timely. The information is presented in a way that helps you retain what you’ve learned – whether you are a visual learner, or someone that learns best by listening.

4. Easy to Do

From registration through finishing the course, TEEX has made it easy to take one of the new online courses. You simply need a computer with a good internet connection, and away you go.

3. Fits Your Schedule

Whether it’s the live instructor led courses, or one that’s been pre-recorded, TEEX online courses are designed to fit your schedule. Most are only 1 hour long, so that leaves you plenty of time to take care of other job or home responsibilities.

2. Price is Right

Did you know that some of the online courses TEEX offers are only $5.00? There are even a couple of free courses. If you have been wanting to try an online course, but didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, this is a great opportunity. Plus, there are no books or other items to purchase.

1. Keeps Training Moving Forward

Let’s face it, you have to train. And in today’s climate, the option of in-person training may not always be an option. Choosing to take an online course not only keeps your knowledge in-tact, but it also keeps your training moving forward, so you don’t get out of the habit.